Megalodon V2 Sound Kit

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The long awaited Megalodon v2 is finally here! 

Megalodon v2 contains:

- Megalodon v2 Drum kit (40+ drums perfect for glo + trap + anything underground)

Megalodon v2 Ones hot kit (40+ one shots all perfectly crafted to the modern Glo sound)

- Megalodon v2 Loop kit (40+ drag n drop melodies for instant inspiration)

- Megalodon v2 Midi kit (50+ midis for all my loop makers out there)

- Megalodon v2 Idea starters (5 quick melody starters to keep you out of creators block)

- Megalodon v2 Rare Trap Tags (10 rare trap tags to add sauce to your beats

Megalodon v2 Mixer Presets (5 presets that I use all the time in my beats

$130 Value

Thanks so much for grabbing this kit! 

 GFX and VFX by @flowerboy._._._